Turmeric Rice Mask

Turmeric Rice Mask

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Organic Turmeric Rice powder has anti-Inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is good as an antiseptic for any skin problems.

Turmeric rice mask has been up as facial mask for centuries, and still plays an important role in Indian weddings. 

 It's an all natural way to be wrinkle-free and it helps to brighten up your complexion, treating acne, dark spots, eczema.

 Results proven everyday applied will helps to controls oil.

Our Turmeric Mask are made from natural sources with absolutely no chemicals.

Ingredients found in them are ground turmeric, rice, dhall and sandalwood & multani.

Start your FLAWLESS journey with Aura Nur Spa.

Let's get glowing and healthy, clearer skin in a quick and inexpensive way.

In this video as we can see our dear customer suffers acne and always uses Tumeric. Its always important to ice and moisturise your skin after using our mask. To keep dry skin away.
Do It Yourself: As you see in this video, we have added turmeric, lemon and greek yogurt to create a natural brightening mask it helps to remove dark spots around the eyes or wherever you prefer to use it. Make sure to apply on areas that you wish to lighten or you can apply it all over your skin.