5 reasons why

We already know there are endless benefits of Turmeric Rice Mask but I will like to highlight the TOP 5 reasons why you should use Aura Nur Turmeric Rice Mask.

When I said 5 reasons I meant as a personal review of a user:

1. Light powdery texture

The light powdery texture is so smooth that mixing it with just tap water is good enough even better to use with yogurt or with rose water. I simply use it with 3 tablespoon of Greek yogurt and makes it into a thick paste. There are so many ingredients that you can mix with. We will share more information on the different ingredients that we have tried and loved it. We only share ingredients or products that we truly believe in and which have worked.

2. Rejuvenate skin

After application, results are instantly visible, your skin feels so fresh and supple.

3. Minimise dark rings

If u’re disturbed by prolonged dark rings then this is the best and economical remedy. It does helps to lighten up the dark rings. The best is to mix the paste with lemon juice. Lemon is high in vitamin C and it helps to brighten up your dark rings.

4. Clear up your pimples

Well , what other remedy then natural ingredients to battle your pimples away. The Turmeric Rice mask helps to dried up the pimples and at the same time minimise the pimple scars. Pimples cream contains about of artificial and chemical ingredients that can cause some side effects in the long run.

5. Fades away pigmentation

We can’t deny that pigmentation occurs when we are at the ‘ripe’ age. So this helps to control pigmentation and a remedy to those who already have it. It does not create instant results but application for some time will helps to fade away your pigmentation.

And if all the above 5 reasons that I’ve listed still not convinced enough I’m not sure what else does!

But above everything is the little effort from yourself to make this daily regime a proven results. 👍