Facial Extraction War

As an Esthetician who works hands-on with skin, I believe extractions are necessary for the deep clean of your pores. I will never ever do a facial without extractions.


It’s like taking client’s money and just pretending that their skin is healthy. No…no…no…. I have many clients through the years, particularly those ages 20 and above, who came with blocked pores and blackheads. I don’t want them to do extraction by themselves. If you do it yourself, you may make it worse that it was before, you’ll rupturing the skin! I’m good at it. I admit I look at your blackheads like a treasure hunt, and find the task incredibly satisfying. There could be uncomfortable moments in the process, but don’t worry, they’ll be well worth in the end. A few clients suggested me to use pose strips on the nose, Oh My Darling … if it truly works, I will be the first one to use it with a BIG smile.

What are extractions?

The extraction method is fairly simple: I will properly softens the skin and then wraps my fingers in tissue (at times I use a metal extractor) and manipulate the skin at different angles to remove debris and impurities out of the pores. The goal of extraction is to be able to remove the congested oil without leaving significant redness and certainly scarring.

(Note: Some post-extraction redness is normal, but generally should subside after 12-24 hours.)

A cooling mask, post-extractions, will help to calm the skin and reduce any visible redness.

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